Monday, July 2, 2012

Duel Down Under - Day Three

What amazing success for our team at the Duel Down Under! This was Australia's, and indeed the southern hemisphere's, first official FRC event, and our team won the robot game!!

After fifteen games in the qualification matches over Friday and Saturday morning, our team was in second place coming into the finals. We turned down an alliance with the top seed team, instead choosing to pair with the 4th ranked team in an alliance. This was, without a doubt the riskiest option. It meant that instead of going directly to the finals, we had to first win the semi-finals in the best of three games. 

Our team’s alliance won the semi-finals in two games, and then also won the finals in two games in a nail biting finish.

The team’s success was a combination of their robot’s design and some very cunning strategizing with their alliance partners throughout the competition. As well as winning the “Robot Championship” for success in the robot game, the team won a “Quality” award for the robot’s simple and effective design, nicknamed the “Tassie Tower of Terror"...
This award recognises exceptional design and implementation of mechanical, electrical and/or software systems. The winning team's robot was reliable and successful throughout the competition and consistently stands out as an example of engineering excellence. Here's what the judges had to say about the winning team, "this team's robot is an FRC team's dream, with its unique design and robust construction, it has proven consistently impressive on field. It has been described as simplicity done right and is modular enough to be carried on a plane from way down under the land down under." Congratulations Team 7777 Devil Robotics
Looking back, my goals for the project were to start a team, build a basic robot, and take it to Sydney. These goals were well and truly achieved, and then some! We've begun with a relatively small team of mentors and students, but with what we've all learned through this experience, we're going to be in a great position to do something even bigger next year!

More photos here.

Thanks to all the wishes of support from family and friends throughout the event. Although we would've loved to have more of the team present it was great to know that you could at least check in to the livestream from time to time to see what was happening.

Huge thanks to the Heimlichs, Team 3132, and everyone else who helped to put on such a wonderful event and for giving us such a great opportunity to work together on this "hard fun" project!!


  1. Bravo, and well done team!

  2. Very impressive Rob and the team. More Tassie Robotics success!