Thursday, September 29, 2011

Save as... in LVLM

There's a feature in the NI's LabVIEW for LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT (LVLM) that I'm pretty keen on... it's that when you open LVLM it starts in a cut-down "LVLM" environment that removes many of the more advanced features from the toolbars, etc. and generally simplifies the interface. When you're ready, you just choose the "LabVIEW" environment and you've got access to the full range of LabVIEW features and menu items.

Unfortunately, one of the features that is hidden in the LVLM environment is "Save As..."!! Now, I expect that this was hidden because the LabVIEW "Save As... is indeed pretty darn advanced. For example, one of the options is to rename a file without creating a new copy. Another option allows you to create a new copy of your file, but lets you continue to work on the original copy.

It is, however, quite confusing as a newcomer to have the "Save As..." missing entirely. I'm pleased that a patch is now available that adds a much more familiar version of the "Save As..." to both environments in LVLM...



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