Friday, October 8, 2010

Haptic Pong and more Sumo

Haptic Pong (ME-84: Assignment 3)
Our third assignment in ME-84 followed on from a series of tasks in-class involving haptics. Specifically, we'd been making use of the motor as a way of providing feedback to the user, as well as it being an input device. The assignment was to create a video game that involved haptics.

I decided to create an NXT version of Pong, where the paddles would automatically bring themselves back to their starting position. My first version was a little boring, so I rewrote it so that the ball would increase in speed during the game (up to some limit). Here's a game nearing its conclusion...

SumoBots (EN-10: Assignment 3)
This challenge in EN-10 provided an opportunity for me to rebuild the sumo robot I'd previously made for ME-84. This time, however, the idea was for the robot to be fully autonomous. That was okay by me, as we had already created a program for our "remote controlled" sumo robot that would enable to operate autonomously. The other difference this time was that teams were limited to a single kit (plus an optional extra light sensor). Also fine by me, as the first time around I'd given myself that very constraint. And here was the result (this is, of course, the best that it performed!)...

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