Friday, June 25, 2010

Australia victorious in RoboCup Junior Dance!!

Australia's World Cup aspirations, there are some other Australian teams dominating the world stage at the moment.

This is from Susan Bowler, I trust she won't mind me reposting it here...

Hello everybody!

It has been a very exciting day for Australia. We rocked!

Temperamental Technology (Perth) won 1st place for Individual Performance Primary Dance. RoboRockers (Brisbane) won 2nd place for Individual Performance Primary Dance.

That is two world champs!

But wait, there is more....

RoboRockers was one of the teams that won the Super Team competition Primary Dance.

A little team from Hobart, Tasmania...called RoboSquad United are the new World Champions for Secondary Dance Individual Performance, plus Super Team Champions, plus most Collegial Team (for the second year in a row)............ not bad or a few days work.

Here is a video of their finals performance…

But this rehearsal is a bit better for being able to see what was actually happening with the robots…

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